Okay. One last thing

Okay. One last thing: David Gergen keeps going on and on about how awful it is that those who supported Kerry will feel so alienated. I am sorry about that, but look at the map: It is so very difficult for those who live 100 miles from the Atlantic or Pacific to understand those who don’t. But that’s been the case since colonial days (a longer explanation for another day).

I am glad that all Americans — including those who would have been happy if Kerry were elected — will be spared the street celebrations of our enemies that we’d be seeing on CNN if this had ended with Kerry winning. I do not believe in any way that vote for Kerry was a vote for our enemies, indeed I don’t believe Kerry’s approach to the war (despite his rhetoric) would have been that different from Bush’s. However, that nuanced view would not have been understood by our enemies who be cheering for the TV cameras and taking credit for Bush’s defeat.

I am now finished with saying anything even remotely controversial.