Connect the dots?

Connect the dots: Last week, I blogged a story about the Medill School of Journalism considering dropping its statistics course requirement. In the story, the following quote appeared:

A common problem among many Medill students is that because they often don’t understand how statistics relates to their field of choice, they put off taking the course. Michelle Edgar, a fifth-year Medill and School of Music double major, left her statistics requirement until her second-to-last quarter at NU and calls her Introduction to Statistics class a “complete waste of time.” “I don’t see how any of the information is relevant to journalism or how it could be applied to writing a story,” she said.

I hope that the way in which bloggers and reporters almost celebrated their statistical ignorance (ignoring methodology, usage or context of research, for example) yesterday will help Medill and all other j-schools to stop dumbing-down the requirements for the Michelle Edgars (and Jack Shafers and Matt Drudges and the almost Dr. Ana Marie Coxes) of the world.