Joi just doesn’t get it

Joi just doesn’t get it: Taking a 180-degree turn from the spirit of Jeff’s post election pledge, one of my favorite bloggers, Joi Ito, blogging from Japan, is saying, “Americans have failed” the world today.


It was close, but the Americans have chosen Bush. It’s a sad day, but in a democracy, you get the politicians you deserve/vote for. This was your chance to change your leader and you have failed. For awhile, many of us thought that you had been conned into voting for Bush. That you didn’t know he wanted to be a War President. Many people didn’t equate the US policies with the people of America. Now US = US Citizens. You have my sympathies, but it’s still your fault.

Rather than lose my status as someone who disagrees agreeable, I’ll not blog what I think about Joi’s sentiments…nor some of the elegant irony I see in his reaction to how Americans fail when they vote rather than participate in, I don’t know, an IRC session. (Oh, wait, that sounded disagreeable.)

My theory: The majority of Americans I know who live within 100 miles of the Atlantic or Pacific or Lake Michigan (and Joi), don’t understand Wal-Mart (Joi may, I’ve never seen him comment on the topic) or what motivates the sensibilities of the rest of us. Americans have not failed you, Joi. Come to Nashville (perhaps the next time our mutual friend Jun makes one of his regular visits) and we can discuss it on-the-ground.

I still think you’re a great blogger.

6 thoughts on “Joi just doesn’t get it

  1. I’m sorry if I’m coming off sounding mean. I’m reacting a bit to some of the sentiments of Americans as if it were some act of God that Bush won. “The Americans” voted for Bush. You have to take responsibility for this as a citizen. I feel bad for you, but you can’t just blame it on the other half. Personally, I’m not going to treat my American friends any differently, but whenever a Japanese citizen does something stupid, I get a jolt of guilt. You should all be getting a jolt of guilt right about now.

  2. As hard as it may be to believe, I have no jolt whatsoever of guilt. I promise, however, to try very hard to conjure up some if it will make the world a better place.

  3. Please conjure enough up so that the next time, you convince a few more people to vote against Bush.

  4. Rex,

    You’re absolutely right, he doesn’t get it. Neither does Yugi. They think that because they don’t like Bush, those of us who voted for him should feel ashamed. The idea that we might like, support, and (gasp) pray for the President and his re-election is simply so alien to them that they don’t even consider it.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Sorry if you misunderstood my comment. I do not think you should be ashamed of who you voted for. I merely agree with the fact that by re-electing Bush the American people have shown they support his actions over the past four years, which i myself find sadening.

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