Who botched it?

Who bothched it? From too many sources to attribute, I’m getting news stories (here’s one) about “how bloggers bothced it” yesterday. What? No, bloggers didn’t botch it. Slate.com’s Jack Shafer, Matt Drudge and Ana Marie Cox botched it. And from there, the bloggers I read either echoed them or refutted them. And the reporters who started reporting on what Jack Shafer, Matt Drudge and Ana Marie Cox were releasing botched it. The Zogby jokesters who then used those reports to make a call at 5 p.m. botched it. I’m a blogger. I didn’t botch it. But then, only seven people read this weblog.

Update: Instapundit says Poynter’s Steve Outing, in calling “bloggers loose cannons should note that many bloggers were pooh-poohing and refusing to pass on the obviously flawed exit polling info.

I do agree with Outing, however. That “little birdie told me” crap from Wonkette was, to me, one of the low-points in blogging history. Her snark jumped the shark yesterday.

2 thoughts on “Who botched it?

  1. Agreed, some of those bloggers screwed themselves by running with the polls (which, by the way, The Corner ran with here and there) – but it didn’t *change* the way the electorate came out and voted, which I’ve heard as well. I said this on at least one other blog so far – both sides wanted to “bury” the other this time around, as was apparent by the lines at the polling places. I would expect one good thing to come out of this – the next time around, there are going to be huge amounts of people voting in four years.

  2. Breaking my tradition of being completley apolitical (that is me having no political relevance), I’ll say this. Yesterday, on MSNBC, Chris Mattews was aski Joe Trippi: “So what are the people on the Internet saying?”
    Well, my reaction to that was: There are no one kind of people on the Internet…some are idiots, like daily life, and some are not…
    And yep, Cox jumped the shark…

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