Post-election clones

Post-election clones: As editors of both magazines live in fear of waking up Sunday to discover they’ve been listed once more in this weblog’s “clone covers” feature (actually, they don’t know this feature exists, but I’m sure they have the fear, nonetheless), I guess it should come as no surprise that many weeks have past since the last clone covers. This one is a no-brainer, indeed if it were not a clone, there would be some major ‘splaining to do. Both have some great articles, by the way. Articles which show the strength and depth of magazine writing. Newsweek, especially, has some powerful features that go behind the scenes of both campaigns. Great stuff.

Update: As I’ve looked at these covers side-by-side, it occurs to me odd that both portraits are shot from roughly the same angle. I’ll leave it to others to interpret what is conveyed by the composition of the shot, I just think it’s interesting the editors of both magazines found compelling two different shots, each made from below and left of the president.

November 14, 2004

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2 thoughts on “Post-election clones

  1. I only had to see the Time cover in my mail to know that this week we’d have another Time and Newsweek Clone Covers post on Their covers have gotten a bit predictable, eh?

  2. One of them could have been bold and done a collage cover of images of the issues facing GWB in his last term.

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