Sitting on it

Sitting on it: The Newsweek special election report, as blogged earlier, has lots of behind-the-scenes information the magazine agreed to hold until after November 2. The (pro-Bush) NY Post now editorializes that some of the information was so important it should not have been held back.


Because the magazine promised the campaigns that anything obtained by this team of journalists during the course of the campaign would go unreported until the election was over. Promises are promises, but whatever happened to what, under different circumstances, Newsweek and similar publications would herald as “the public’s right to know”? It’s not as if rules like this haven’t been bent or even broken before — when journalists believed there was an important story that could have a dramatic impact on a national campaign.

What exactly was it that the NY Post thought we ought to know? While they say it was to what extent Kerry was willing to go to get John McCain to be his vice-presidential running mate, I personally think the item that would have brought down his candidacy was this revealing quote about a photo shoot for the cover of Time Magazine:

“The morning after the Feb. 3 primaries, which vaulted Kerry into a virtually insurmountable lead, the candidate was fuming over his missing hairbrush. He and his aides were riding in a van on the way to a Time magazine cover-photo shoot. [Marvin] Nicholson had left the hairbrush behind. ‘Sir, I don’t have it,’ he said, after rummaging in the bags. ‘Marvin, f—!’ Kerry said. The press secretary, David Wade, offered his brush. ‘I’m not using Wade’s brush,’ the long-faced senator pouted. ‘Marvin, f—, it’s my Time photo shoot.’ “

I’m assuming Kerry found a brush as the photo to the left is the only Time magazine cover I can find during that time-frame…and in it his hair is picture-perfect.

Also,’s Michael Shields reviews the Time and Newsweek election specials and, like me, gives Newsweek a squeaker win with 51% of the vote.