This is a test

This is a test: I took the picture at left (with my phone’s camera) of the magazine “Wired Test” at a huge grocery store magazine newsstand in Greenfield, Mass., Saturday afternoon. (While I live in Nashville, I spend a lot of my time in blue states.) I know nothing about the magazine other than I can’t easily find an announcement about it. (I’ll link to one as soon as I discover it.) The magazine looks like a mash of Wired & Lucky — very CondeNastic.

Also, I received an e-mail from someone this morning asking about it and alerting me to its appearance. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “This is a test

  1. Another interesting thing about “Wired test” is that the newsstand cover is different from the issues received by subscribers and others in the mail. In fact, the newsstand cover comes in two flavors, red and blue. Those who received “Wired Test” in the mail saw a cover where Wired was larger and the word test was in a white box. A lot of concept testing going on here…

  2. actually not concept testing at all (although plenty of that was done before the issue went to press). in order to qualify for media mail bulk rates, magazines are required to adhere to certain rules laid down by the us postal service about, for instance, how many issues they publish in a year. this was the reason the versions of wired: test sent to home subscribers differed from the versions seen on newsstands (ie, the more or less prominence of the word ‘wired’ in the flag’s design). the two cover images were simply because we couldn’t decide which one we liked better.

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