Hey, I’m back

Hey, I’m back: Thanks to the avalanche of e-mail I received from two people wondering why they couldn’t access rexblog.com. It’s back up now (thanks, Steve) and I will post all the little items I’ve collected today. Just imagine that it’s several hours ago and you heard them all here first.

How magazines get started (continued)

How magazines get started (continued): It’s not often that I get to blog a How magazines get started (continued) article from a hometown newspaper, but today, the Nashville Business Journal profiles the launch of a business-to-business publishing venture, Aviation Insurance & Risk Management, the first magazine published by Franklin’s Next Dimension Publishing LLC.


Next Dimension is the creation of Chappell Smith & Associates Inc., a full-line insurance agency known to the aviation industry as CS&A Aviation Insurance. Chappell Smith has offices in Franklin, Murfreesboro and Atlanta, and has about 3,600 clients.