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Analyze this: My friend Steve Rubel points to a Forrester analyst’s recommendation for a corporate bloggers code of ethics, which made me come up with my own code, which I call:

Code of ethics for people trying to codify what corporate blogging should be:

1. I will not pretend to be an expert on something I only study.

2. I will not list truisms and suggest they should be adopted as a “code.”

3. I will not try to create some “best practices” gobbledy gook for something that is so new that it is pre-embryonic.

4. I will acknowledge and correct mistakes I make when I don’t understand that a conversational “media” environment is, by its very nature, “self-corrrecting” and therefore does not need some mis-directed code.

5. I will acknowledge that a corporate blog can have comments, delete comments, preserve posts, delete posts, be high quality or low quality or do whatever it damn well pleases…but that the whole world will get to take screen shots of whatever it posts and that something called will preserve all the crap as well.

I’ll stop there as I think I’m blowing my reputation as someone who disagrees agreeably.

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