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News from the wrecksblog: The anonymous vaporzine scout just alerted me to next February’s launch of the magazine Collision Repair Product News (CRPN) from Cygnus Business Media.

The magazine will (mail) to 60,000 body shop owners, technicians and PBE distributors. CRPN is the only product-based publication reaching the industry with a complete focus on PBE tools, equipment and supplies. The magazine will be modeled after Professional Tool & Equipment News (PTEN) which is the only publication focused on tools & equipment serving the automotive aftermarket with over 106,000 subscribers.

With the exception of not knowing what PBE tools are, I think I followed most of that.

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  1. Once while admiring a new vehicle model at a trade show, I heard this guy next to me cussing about the fact that most of the front consisted of single large molded composite pieces, which to me made for a better, more efficient design. His complaint was based on the fact that it is harder – if not nearly impossible – to doa good job of repair to small damage, so you wind up tossing the whole section and replacing it with a new one. This directly affects the bottom-line of a lot of small body shops, which used to do a thriving business fixing dings in metal. Of course, it made for good business for the vehicle dealers who would order the new part. Such is the logic of capitalism.

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