Google grows

Google grows: Research guru Gary Price (ResourceShelf) notes that hours before MSN is to launch its new engine and new web index as a beta, “Google has announced a size increase (yet another brilliant marketing move) to their web index. Google’s total page count goes from 4,285,199,774 to 8,058,044,651 web pages. I’m guessing that MSN launches with a number greater than the 4.2 billion.”


“Remember, these numbers are primarily for bragging rights and don’t really mean a whole heck of a lot to the searcher. Relevancy is what matters and searchers realize when a database increases in size the chance for higher recall and reduced precision is possible. Don’t forget to factor in (when it comes to web search) the typical query is about 2.8 words in length, most searches don’t use any advanced syntax, and their is no controlled vocabulary. Let’s remember that bigger doesn’t always mean better. In the past Google has included urls they know about but have not crawled in their page totals.: