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Listen up: Recently, I discovered the “View Options” control on the edit menu in iTunes would allow me to display a column that tracks how many times I have listened to each tune. Tonight I sorted my song library by the times=played column and was rather startled by the songs played the most.

So here, for no easily understandable reason, are, what I assume would be the Top Four songs on my “Hit” list.

1. Uncle Pen (Ricky Skaggs) – played 22 times

2. Cuckoo’s Nest (Nickel Creek) – 18

3. Girl from Impanema (Stan Getz) – 18

4. Ariel Ramirez (or, as we call it around here: that song from the VW Toureg commercial) (Richard Buckner) – 17

Go figure.

2 thoughts on “Listen up

  1. I have an iTune playlist that was installed by iTunes called “Top 25 Most Played.” This morning I was laughing at the numbers for some of the streams I listen to most.

    Groove Salad: 183 Plays
    Virgin Radio: 103 Plays
    DI.FM Jazz: 98 Plays

    Unfortunately it doesn’t list some Real and Windows media streams I love but can’t play through iTunes.

  2. I listen to iTunes on Party Shuffle a lot – and one day I realized that it seemed to be picking one song and playing it statistically significantly more than the other 700 in my library. So I would suspect that my “Top Four” songs according to iTunes would be different than my real top four songs – if I could pick only four!

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