This is rich

This is rich: The Nashville Post (paid subscription required) is reporting that the NYT’s Frank Rich, who was reviewing Broadway plays back when Bill Frist was performing heart and lung transplants, said this last night at a Vanderbilt lecture:

“I have really strong views about Bill Frist. They are not positive,”…. Frist “plays both sides against the middle,” Rich said. “His party is not going to nominate him” in 2008.

According to the Nashville Post, the Wednesday lecture, which is part of Vanderbilt University Chancellor’s lecture series, was based on Rich’s thesis that the “Democratic cultural agenda” is winning in America despite the outcome of the recent election.

Wait a minute. Did Frank Rich actually hang the adjective “Democratic” onto the phrase “cultural agenda”?

2 thoughts on “This is rich

  1. The Frank Rich column mentioning that the blues should be winning the culture vote was intriguing. I will not link it again here since it will soon be behind a cost wall if it isn’t already, but it threw around some fun names that blues love to hate, like “Bill O’Reilly” and “Rush Limbaugh.” Added “Britney Spears” for fun. Noted that it is strange that the reds forgive all manner of indiscretions among their own….hold blues to a seemingly unattainable standard of moral propriety. Then gave numerous examples of ways in which the blues are the party to beat in the culture battle. It was not a “we’re right, you’re wrong” column, merely thought-provoking, turning your expectations on their head. I don’t think it will stop the Dems’ current self-flagellation though.

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