Brand (r)extension

Brand (r)extension: The global empire of rex-branded products continues to grow. And to think, it all started out as a humble lard company (see photo at the top of the page). For instance, there’s that commuter airline in Australia and, of course, the photo agency in the UK. And now from Gizmodo, I learn that the rex brand is now carried on Japanese wireless thingees. You can read all about it here (if you know Japanese). One of these days, I’ll post pictures of my collection of rex-branded merchandise ranging from cigarettes and beer to wall paper sizing.

One thought on “Brand (r)extension

  1. I must be Rexblog-deranged. I saw that post on Gizmodo and thought, “Did Rex see this? Perfect for his sensibility.”

    Glad you found it. Great stuff.

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