Esopus envy

Esopus envy: I think the NYT’s David Carr likes the magazine Esopus. “(Esopus) is a thing of lavish, eccentric beauty, less flipped through than stared at, forcing readers to reconcile their expectations of what a magazine is with the strange artifact in their laps.”


With its hand-built feel and soaring visual narrative, it is clearly the work of a heaving team of first-rate designers, thinkers and editors working with unthinkable budgets, even though, more curiously, it has no advertisements. But pull back the cover of Esopus and you will find only Tod Lippy, designer, editor, conjurer. Just Tod Lippy, with his one d and his conceit that he can make the magazine he wants and that people will give him $10 for each one and that then he can make another one. With a circulation of 5,000 and a twice-a-year schedule – it came out of nowhere in 2003 – it is not so much a magazine as a cult that meets semiannually.