How magazines get started (continued)

How magazines get started (continued): From the Gwinnett (Ga.) Daily Post, an article about the folks who started the magazine Adventure Sports:

Much like the men and women profiled in his magazine, Scot Love plunged into an unpredictable wilderness where brains are more important than brawn, and many called him crazy for doing it. Love’s journey began about three years ago when he left a successful but suffocating world in the information technology field. By then, he had developed a passion for adventure racing — a sport which combines hiking, rappelling and canoeing through the wild — and he wanted to  create the only magazine whose sole aim was covering the sport.

I remember blogging it soon after it launched and am happy to see that I didn’t say anything snide or dismissive about the magazine’s chances. Obviously, I knew it would do well.

(Explanation: How magazines get started.)