Expressed: Earlier this evening I checked into a NY hotel I stayed in a week-or-so ago and was disappointed then that there was no wi-fi, just ethernet — strange how I’ve grown to expect wi-fi in every hotel. (As Doc Searls once said, it should be like air conditioning.) Anyway, as I knew the hotel did not have wi-fi, I threw an Apple Airport Express in my bag (I use a couple at home to expand a network and for speakers). While I was fully expecting to spend some time messing with configurations, I’m happy to report that all I did was plug the the Airport Express into the hotel’s connection and the configuration I had from home worked instantly. I don’t know why I’m always impressed when something works exactly like it’s advertised.

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  1. I wish they could just get hotel AC and heat to work well – and quietly, at least as quietly as a semi-truck’s sleeper.

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