Convinced yet?

Convinced yet? I’ve been on record for quite a while (and here) as being cynical skeptical about the prospects of an approach that tries to replicate an old medium in a new medium (Mcluhan-alert). Therefore, it is with a grain of salt I take the “research” reported today by MediaPost.


Digital print media distributor NewsStand Inc. is seeing its user base evolve from early adopters to more mainstream readers, according to the results of an updated study conducted by Nielsen-NetRatings. NewsStand is one of a handful of companies that offer digital versions of magazine and newspaper print editions, which are downloaded by readers to be viewed on their personal computers. Readers flip through “pages” of these titles in a similar fashion to reading their print counterparts.

I completely understand the desire on the part of publishers to be able to have the ads that appear in their “digital version” be credited in the same way they are in the print version. My dubious response to digital versions has more to do with my being a reader than as a publisher. I’ve tried for three years (I’ve even had executives of these companies call me with long explanations after my previous blog posts) but I still just don’t get it.

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