What’s with the ladybugs?

What’s with the ladybugs? Nashville blogger “saucy librarian” asks, “…am I the only person who is totally plagued by ladybugs? My office is literally swarming with them.” (She also has a rather strange story about her company weighing all the employees, but I digress.) No, saucy, the ladybugs are doing their locust act at our house, as well. I’ve lived in the same place for 20 years and this is the first time we’ve ever noticed dozens of ladybugs hanging out in different places. My wife says it’s unlucky to kill a ladybug, which is fine when you see them by the ones or twos. But a colony (hive? swarm?) of ladybugs has one reaching for the Raid. We’ve decided, however, to give them a day or two reprieve to fly south, or whatever the heck they’re supposed to be doing.

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