Closely related

Close relatives: Via Steve Rubel (who apparently is now indexed by Google News via — ok, right as I was about to post this, Steve explains what’s happening), I learned about a new feature of that, if I’m understanding it correctly, helps the user discover related blogs and articles to the blog searched. (I’m not doing justice to what the service is, but it will become apparent, when you visit it.) Steve has discovered that on, his blog and this blog are closely related. Someone much smarter than I can speculate what algorithm causes that to happen. Whatever it is, it makes perfect sense to me as we discovered each other through our blogs and have since become friends and even got together for lunch recently when I was in New York.

Upon reflection, however, I think that Steve and I are cloely related our the deep fascination we share for understanding incredibly geeky and subtle things we believe can transform the way conversations (primarily in the realm of business communications) begin, continue and transform.