Long shot?

Long shot? The anonymous vaporzine scout is gloating over scooping me on news about the upcoming launch of All In Magazine that appeared in Paul Colford’s column (although, I note that the rexblog beat Colford by several weeks on that item (scroll down) regarding Wired Test). Here are some classic start-up quotes from the founder of All In:

“We expect to be the fastest-growing magazine in 2005,” he told the Daily News yesterday, saying he’ll guarantee advertisers a circulation of 150,000 by February. “We believe we’ll reach more than 500,000 copies next year, in terms of acquiring new subscriptions,” he added. ( Bhu) Srinivasan is counting on the surge in poker-playing shows on TV, starting with the Bravo channel’s “Celebrity Poker Showdown,” to help boost interest in his mag.

If any of this post rings a bell with longtime rexblog readers (now there’s an oxymoron for you: longtime rexblog readers), it’s because one of the classic vaporzines (besides Radar) I have blogged for years is the long-ago announced gambling concept magazine called (and I’d like to thank them for leaving a memorial website) JAQK.