Chump change

Chump change: I don’t know about you, but I really enjoy it when two whacky rich guys start trash-talking each other..

Quote by Mark Cuban (my favorite billionaire blogger until Steve Jobs starts one) regarding the wannabe-billionaire, Donald Trump:

Donald, leave it to you to file bankruptcy and rather than apologizing to shareholders that were wiped out, brag about it being a positive step forward for the company. It is what it is huh Donald ? On TV, viewers do find you entertaining. Its hard to comprehend of anyone being as self important and delusional about themselves as you are Donald.  That can be fun to watch at times. But it does get old. But you already know that from your TV ratings dont you ? How does it feel to know that in future years when the question is asked , “Which show was the anchor  when NBC’s Must See Thursday Night slipped from its perch for the first time in decades ?”, the answer will be Trump’s show ?

The Donald, you may recall, chided Cuban when his reality show was cancelled.