Picture this, no wait, don’t

Picture this, no wait, don’t: Today Doc Searls says he was photographed blogging in a, well, rather interesting pose. A couple of days ago, Jeff Jarvis explained a similar photo session: “‘Go ahead, blog,’ they say, as, oh, I don’t know, we’re going to take off our clothes and end up in our PJs cackling madly.”

Hey, I love you guys, but this imagery is making me queasy.

Update: Doc clarifies in the comments to this post that he actually wasn’t photographed in the pose he mentions (thank god), but rather, by the pool with the Pacific in the background — a setting he says he rarely blogs in but, no doubt, will look better in a photo than either of the other alternatives he jokingly (although I missed the joke, first time ’round) suggests were other options.

2 thoughts on “Picture this, no wait, don’t

  1. I should have said “choose” instead of “use.”

    Cuz I thought I made it clear (I didn’t) that I blog from all kinds of places. Not that they’d shoot me at all of them.

    They ended up shooting one I never use: the pool. But it’s a great shot, and not representational. Fun, in fact.

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