Not a turkey sandwich, they hope

Not a turkey sandwich, they hope: Just saw this press release about the launch of The Deli magazine that will cover the local music scene in New York (Oh, and as always, it’s “the first” of something). Maybe some of the PR folks who visit the rexblog can answer this better, but isn’t it rare to see a press release for something positive issued on the day before a holiday? I typically expect to see bad magazine news on days like today, not this good stuff.


A new magazine focused on the New York City music scene will be launching on December 2nd. The Deli will focus on the underground rock, pop and folk bands that fill the city’s bars, clubs and concert venues as well as the studios, producers, promoters, equipment retailers and manufacturers who help bring the NYC indie sound to the wider public. The first magazine of its kind focused wholly on New York City, The Deli will be made available free of charge at music-oriented locations across the city. The brainchild of Editor-in-Chief Paolo De Gregorio, The Deli provides news and in-depth interviews with local bands, analyses of where the scene is headed, CD and equipment reviews and features, as well as classified advertising space for bands, studios, and others.

2 thoughts on “Not a turkey sandwich, they hope

  1. That’s certainly one argument, Rex. The other is that because it’s a slow news day, it might be easier to break through the clutter.

  2. I agree with Steve (as usual). It’s usually easier to get “good news” in on a slow news day. But, admittedly not knowing anything about the magazine or its situation, I would say that it is a crapshoot…either you are going to get in because there’s nothing else to print and everyone laying out the pages is ready to go home and they will slap your story down or you are going to get trashed quickly without a second glance because journalists will assume they won’t be able to talk to anyone in person the day before a holiday. Because I’ve worked at a newspaper, I believe the latter is usually much more likely than the former (especially since even smaller papers have become so sensitive about running press releases/story pitches as is without some changes).

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