A great choice

My vote for SI Sportsman of the Year: Tomorrow on Fox (the network that carries NFL football, not the “news channel”), Sports Illustrated will unveil the “sportsman of the year,” one of the magazineosphere’s (magazineosphere, I feel a new rexblog word coming) biggest promotional gems (but no where close to Time’s “person of the year” or SI’s swimsuit issue). In all seriousness, I believe Tim Layden’s choice is inspired: Pat Tillman. I predict, however, that something to do with the Boston Red Sox will win. (via: Michelle Malkin, who gives Tim’s “inspired” choice her vote, as well.)

Update: As I predicted, the selection had something to do with the Boston Red Sox.


Collectively, the Sox were Sportsmen in the truest sense — professional, collegial, colorful athletes who were easy to root for. The word heroic might get tossed around too blithely in sports, but how else to describe Curt Schilling’s surpassing pitching on a mangled ankle? David Ortiz, who played the role of the clubhouse cut-up, redefined the term clutch hitting. Keith Foulke — previously known for postseason jitters in Oakland — emerged as a reliable stopper. Lambasted by the Boston media, righty Derek Lowe pitched the clinching games in all the postseason series. Johnny Damon was the free-spirited lead-off hitter in terminal need of a haircut and shave.

Also, the Red Sox cover will sell a lot more copies of the magazine, but I’m sure that had nothing to do with the decision.