One-degree-of-blog-separation department

One-degree-of-blog-separation department: Through my friend, Alice, I have a friend, Jun Makihara, who I see each Thanksgiving when he and his family visit Alice and her family. A couple of years ago, at a small post-Boulevard Bolt breakfast we traditionally have at our home, Jun and I somehow started talking about blogging. I’d been blogging about year back then and Jun was perhaps the first non-blogger I ever talked with who asked me questions about my blog with a clear understanding of what blogging was all about. He told me his partner was a blogger in Japan. “Had I ever heard of Joi Ito?” he asked.

Now, two years later, in my conversations with Jun over the past couple of days, Joi’s name has come up several times (like when I mentioned some software I use on my Mac because I first learned about it via Joi’s Wiki or when I mentioned Joi’s sister’s bento moblog). I’ve never met Joi (though I’ve commented a few times on his weblog, and he on this one). But in a strange blogosphere way, I was able to talk with Jun about Joi as if he is someone I know quite well (a feeling anyone who regularly reads his weblog must feel).

It’s a small blogosphere, after all.

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