Photografee: The NY Post reports “gossip” that, “Photographers are fuming at the strict new contracts Condé Nast is making them sign. ‘If you want to shoot for Condé Nast publications — any of them — you have to sign this contract that basically means you sign your life over,’ groused one lenser.”


Condé Nast is offering three types of contracts. “One says they pay you basically nothing and own all the works thereafter,” our source said. “The middle contract states they will pay you $50 if they resell your photo, and the top contract says they’ll give you a bit more money for reselling. But the principle of them all is the same: they own you and your work.

With such an apparent “intellecutal property should be free” point-of-view of concerning the residual value of photography it acquires, I look forward to Condé Nast providing online access to more-and-more of its “content,” perhaps with a very flexible creative commons policy.