Real-time fear

Real-time fear: The last few moments at Hammock Publishing have opened my eyes to what so many families and friends must live through when they are close to someone they know who could be a victim of a tragedy playing out in the news. One of our clients, an Army Reserve blackhawk helicopter pilot, was recently called up and is preparing to deploy to Kosovo. Currently, he is stationed at Fort Hood, Tex., so when news of a blackhawk crash there hit the news services, we naturally became personally engaged in following the story. Fortunately, our friend is safe and quickly notified folks back at his civilian job, so our worst-fears were allayed after only a few moments. Now, my thoughts are with the family and friends of those not so lucky…and those with loved ones in harm’s way who must live constantly with such reactions to wars and tragedies reported to the world in real-time.

One thought on “Real-time fear

  1. Everything changes when you have skin in the game. Iraq has become far more personal for me since I know civilian truck drivers hauling mail and everything else – and since they shared a brief video of their life there, including a brief segment featuring some young Guardsmen and women from a small Ill. town who rode shotgun for them. The next morning, I learned one of the Guards, a young woman, had been killed in an attack on a convoy and some of my buds were hurt.

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