Speaking of Rexes

Speaking of Rexes: Theories related to narcissistic behavior aside, it has come with the territory of having the name Rex (see previous post) that when friends or family members see a product with the brand “Rex” on it, they sometimes get one and give it to me as a souvenir. Not knowing what else to do, several years ago, I started displaying those Rex gifts on an office bookshelf. The next thing I knew, I had a “collection.” I am no authority in the history of Brand Rex, but am forever surprised by what it has appeared on in the past (beer, cigarettes, rivets) and in other countries (in Argentina, there’s a Ritz cracker knock-off carrying the Rex brand). At left is a shelf of some of the Rex items people have been nice enough to give me.

My collection includes the books from the science fiction series, Anonymous Rex, which one of this weblog’s seven readers informs me is now a made-for-TV movie premiering Saturday, December 4, on the SciFi Channel. While I haven’t read the entire series (nor have I smoked any Rex cigarettes), the premise is absurd, but witty: that living among us is a highly evolved “race” of dinosaurs (the private eye protagonist being one) who have survived by wearing fake suits that make them appear like human beings. Funniest of all, the book names real people (Donald Trump, for instance), who are actually dinosaurs who, at night, zip out of their human disguise. (Obviously, that part’s based on fact.)

Anyway, as always, I’m happy to promote the randomly Rex brand. I sort of think of it as my accidental Lovemark (and here).

Update: Doc says my last name “isn’t exactly unpopular.” However, I think of it as accidental product category rather than as a brand. However, he’s got me thinking, I could use the URL RexHammock.com or Rex.Hammock.com to sell Rex® Brand hammocks.

(Thanks, Barbara.)

2 thoughts on “Speaking of Rexes

  1. This completely explains the Cudahy to me.

    I’ve always wondered about where the graphic came from!

  2. I explain a little more about the lard can’s origin in one of the answers on the weblog’s “about page”:

    Why is there a picture of a lard can on the top of each page?

    Because lard is the substance you are left with when you boil down hog fat, a fitting metaphor to what one has after spending time reading this stuff. Also, when used as a verb, lard means to enrich or lace heavily with extra material or to embellish. Actually, my wife found that neat Rex Lard can at a flea market in Maine.

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