Custom publishing update

Custom publishing update: Here’s an interesting brand extension. Direct Marketer, Penzeys Spices, is launching a magazine, Penzeys One.

Quote from Bill Penzeys’s introduction letter:

Another key difference is who gets to be the hero of our magazine. It won’t be some celebrity chef who spends his evenings away from the people he cares about. The hero will not be some professional writer who claims to know the exact correct way to do everything. The hero of our magazine will be you the reader. You are the one putting forth the effort of cooking to better the lives of the people around you. You deserve the spotlight. I have never understood why magazines that are supposed to be for cooks make people who cook look vaguely like bumpkins who just fell off the turnip truck and are somehow living in the past. I have met you guys and you are bright, charming engaged people. The warmth inside you that drives you to want to enrich the lives around you shines through. You are our future. You are my heroes and the magazine will do its best to show people who cook as the truly cool people they are.

Trivia: The very first magazine published by Hammock Publishing (back in 1991) was an employee publication called “One” for a large corporate client.

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