Conspiracy theorists

Conspiracy theorists: For some fun, you may want to read this discussion at Daily Kos in which some of the more left-leaning conspiracists who hang out there argue that the photo I posted of decorations below the portrait of Hillary Clinton was a “mocking” reference to Whitewater. First, I’ll point to a couple of other photos I’ve added to my photoblog of the reception that display how decorations appear on almost every flat surface available at the White House, not just Sen. Clinton’s portrait. Secondly, some of the more insightful participants in the commentary point out that if any reference to Sen Clinton is intending in the decorations, it is a reference to “a villiage” as the book she is resting her hand on is, “It Takes a Villiage.” Rather than “mock” her, the village decorations rather serve as a tribute, one could argue…if one were prone to argue about such village idiocy.

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