My peace plan

My peace plan: Robert Scoble wonders if there’s a coming blog book wars as he’s collaborating on a blogging book and so is Jeremy Wright and so is Hans Henrik Højberg Heming (That’s my name too, whenever we go out….).

Here’s my suggestion for avoiding a blog book war: All of you surrender immediately and stop writing books about blogging. You’re bloggers. If you have something to tell us, blog it. And please, this goes doubly for anyone out there with an idea for a magazine about blogging: please, please don’t do it.

At least Robert is writing his book in a blog, in real-time. I suggest that when he finishes, he just leave it as a blog and forget the printed version. (And this is me saying this: a print guy.)

2 thoughts on “My peace plan

  1. The audience for the books doesn’t read blogs. There are few better ways I can think of to evangelize those people than to write a book for them.

    If the book was for bloggers I wouldn’t even be doing it.

    Feel free to drop me an email if you want to chat about this as I feel quite passionately about it – and I’m always willing to talk to someone equally passionate about something.

  2. I agree with you Rex – a book about blogging for you and me and any other blogger doesn’t have a grand future.

    As I see weblogs it’s only a tool for conversation. So – a book about Corporate Blogging is merely a book about creating space for a digital conversation, dialogue, more than it’s a run-through of different weblog tools and blablabbla….

    Book’s about weblogs for bloggers has already been written – I think.

    About creating a digital space for open conversation – I think the “Open Sourced Book Project” in it’s self reveals the power – at least I hope it will – which I find is one of the key clues for a company in writing a blog.

    Feel free to participate – the WIKI will be up and running in a day or two.

    Best Regards
    Hans Henrik

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