Custom publishing, more than just a pretty face

Custom publishing, more that just a pretty face: Writing for, Chris Scott explores something close to this blogger’s heart, custom publishing.


If well planned and thought-out, a custom publishing program can go a long way toward supplementing a company’s existing marketing or promotional programs. Additionally, as the examples show, the concept can work across various industries and business categories. Most importantly, whether a sponsored supplement, a newsletter or a glossy magazine sold on newsstands, a custom publication gives your business the control over how your message is delivered to the audience you want to reach.

If you are a marketer in charge of a really large, global brand, I’d be happy to discuss with you how custom publishing can keep big bullies from kicking sand in your face next time you’re at the beach.

(Disclosure: Your eyes are getting heavy. You are getting sleepy. You are getting sleepy. Whenever I say the phrase “custom publishing,” I want you to think of this.)