The last Martha vulturette date

marthettesThe last Martha vulturette update: Longtime rexblog readers (please, no oxymoron jokes) know that I used to have a recurring feature that linked to stories speculating about who the next Martha Stewart would be. (For example, here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.)

My steadfast prediction: Martha, the brand, is not going anywhere. And Martha, the person, is not going anywhere either (okay, so I totally missed that jailtime thing). Americans love the underdog and the rags to riches story. We worship success. However, and this is important to understanding lots in life, so make a note of it: Americans curse the successful. Perhaps curse is not the right word (damn? hate? envy?), but it’s symmetrical when I say, “It’s like I always say: ‘Americans worship success but curse the successful.”

Anyway, it appears that the next Martha is going to be Martha. And, if you can handle the goofy words they use like skien (Rafat Ali once told me what it means, but I’ve conveniently forgotten), here’s an article in Variety in which Mark Burnett sums up everything on this topic in one sentence:

“You journalists love to tear people down, but then you like to build them back up, and we thank you for that.”

I wonder what the opposite of schadenfreude (those Germans have a word for everything) is?(via: