Out my window

Out my window: Many years ago (April 16, 1998, to be exact), some pictures of a tornado taken from my office window ended up being viewed ’round the world by hundreds of thousands of folks. Unfortunately, those pictures are gone with the wind. A few minutes ago, I took this photo out the same window (those subtle stripes in the clouds are blinds from another window reflecting on the glass). A bit nicer in Nashville this evening.

(For those who know Nashville: photo taken from 7th floor of 3322 West End – corner of West End & Murphy Road, looking due west towards the Richland neighborhood — or, at least, that’s what I call it. The line of lights in the distance are along White Bridge Road. The cars on the right are on Murphy Road crossing I-440.)

2 thoughts on “Out my window

  1. Wow, thanks. Is it the sunset one you’re talking about…or, when you say, “your picture” are you talking about a photo of me? (Sorry, a little desktop humor, there.) -Rex

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