Dan Gillmor, citizen journalist

Dan Gillmor, citizen journalist: San Jose Mercury News technology reporter Dan Gillmor has announced that he’ll be leaving the paper next month, “to work on a citizen-journalism project.”


I hope to pull together something useful that helps enable — and demonstrates — the emerging grassroots journalism that I wrote about in my recent book. Something powerful is happening, it’s in the early stages and I have a chance to help figure this out.

I’m not ready to discuss the specifics yet, mainly because I have many more ideas than I could possibly try to put into practice at this point — and we’re early in the process of working out the venture’s actual form.

Keep in mind that this project is now in what’s known as the seed-funding stage. It’s not an operating entity yet, though I expect it will be. But we’re some time away from that, with many issues to resolve in the meantime.

A friend who knew about this ahead of time asked the question I’m sure some others will ask: “Are you nuts?” I hope not. Of course, I am leaving one of the best gigs in journalism. The Merc has been incredibly good to me. There are so many talented and good-hearted folks here.

I hate the idea of leaving. But I’d hate not trying this even more.

All I have to say is, “Are you nuts?” No, not really. All I have to say is, you da’ man.

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  1. I was just speaking with Tom and he’s working the back alleys of this, as I’m sure many more are. Good stuff to see happening.

  2. i’m giddy over this news. if he makes it, that’s just more hope that independent media efforts on the web can and will be successful. man, this is GOOD news. 😉

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