More White House bloggers

More White House bloggers: Jeff Jarvis (blogging from Harvard this weekend) reports that two well-known bloggers spent some time at the White House this week.


“Omar and Mohammed just told me about their visit to the Oval Office this week. They said President Bush assured them that we would finish the job this time.

They told the President that they were grateful for their liberation and that the coalition did a great job. Bush asked them about security in Iraq. They told him that they feel safe now. They talked about hearing the news reports of gigantic explosions in Baghdad, in their city, but they don’t hear or see the evidence. It’s a big place, Iraq; the brothers keep repeating that.

Bush also went to Omar, as a dentist, and said he wanted him to fix a cavity. Mohammed said the President understood what blogs are and their importance and they found the staff in the White House views reading blogs as part of their jobs now. The brothers said they were in the White House not just as Iraqi citizens but as representatives of the blogosphere.”

Now that’s cool.

By the way, I’ve joined Jeff’s “Spirit of America” Team. If you’d like join me in contributing to help in his support of the effort to create an Arabic blogging tool, then please click here.

One thought on “More White House bloggers

  1. Good to see you talking up the brothers. When I first saw the Spirit of America call for soccer balls and frisbees, I (think) I got them in touch with Eurosport, the biggest soccer catalog/seller in the US. As far as I know, Eurosport did their part and sent a bunch of soccer balls to Iraq with SOA’s help.

    I’m just one guy, but I think there are some kids in Iraq now playing that wouldn’t have been otherwise, and for that I am eternally thankful to Jim Hake and the other fine folks at SOA.

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