Maybe next year for that Time cover

Maybe next year for that Time cover: Well, as Doc was blogging recently about having his photo made, it seemed apparent that someone was working on a story about A-Listers. In my weekly hunt for clone covers, I just ran across this Newsweek piece that features that pool-side photo of the blogger who first inspired me to blog.


In order to crack into the upper strata, you have to post frequently to stay on the fickle radar of this ADD-infested crowd. You have to link prodigiously to other blogs, increasing your profile and increasing the chances for inbound links. And you must hold strong opinions about what you’re writing about—passion is required in a good blog….And what do the alpha bloggers get in return? Certainly not riches….”If you’re into blogs to make money, you’re into it for the wrong reasons,” says Searls. “Do you ask your back porch what its business plan is?”

He may not be Time’s person of the year, but I’m declaring that comment the rexblog quote of the year.