3 thoughts on “Are parents raising a generation of wimps?

  1. For some odd reason, since we have no children, several of our friends who do have sought our advice in raising their kids. To a family, they’ve tried to cocoon their children – often despite proudly recounting how their own hard knocks inspired them to loftier goals, greater discipline and more thoughtful approaches to morality, ethics and life in general.

    My wonderful wife of (almost) 25 years has a knack for finding aphorisms that cut through tomes of philsophical discussion, and has found one that is the best description of the situation I’ve heard: Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment.

  2. Bill, I shared Wilda’s thought with a friend today who agreed that it perfectly encapsulates many situations we’ve all lived through.

    Several of us have spent our lives in search of good judgment. 😉

  3. Even at my advanced age, the quest for good judgment continues. There’s a tendency to always think, even in a situation that is all too familiar, that something this time will make it turn out differently. But the alternative I guess is to pull in one’s head like a tortoise. No fun there.

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