Not just a fair-weather fan

Not just a fair-weather fan: Who cares if half the Titan‘s starters are injured and our record (4-8) reflects it? Who cares if during the game, the temperature is expected to fall to 30 degrees, 21 chill factor? Of course you can look for me on Monday Night Football in a couple of hours. Of course I’ll be there. However, I can promise that you won’t see me shirtless with anything painted on my stomach.

Update: Oh, well. Except for that last 1:45 seconds it was a great game considering how many players from both teams were injured before or during the game. The stadium was rowdy and full except for the no-shows in the upper decks (it was technically a sell-out). It was cold but I was toasty in my layers of gear made with all the latest synthetic fibers known to man. One good thing about freezing weather at football games: the beverages stay nice and cold.

One thought on “Not just a fair-weather fan

  1. I can hear the bands playing. But, from my office, those upper decks look really sparsely populated.

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