Rex brand update

Rex lovemark update: After my recent post about having of collection of stuff branded “Rex,” Mississippi blogger Shawn Zehnder Lea was nice enough to send me this photo she took in Jackson Greenville Greenwood, Miss., of (if I can read where the letters once were) Rex Billiards, obviously a once thriving establishment until some big-box billiard shoppertainment complex moved in out by the mall, no doubt. I think it’s a shame that the county has lost yet another fine establishment that uses my accidental lovemark. On the positive side, however, a quick search of the Jackson, Miss., online yellowpages reveals it has a location of the chain of TV and appliance stores with the Rex lovemark attached. And an exterminator called, “Rex the bugman.” (And (pardon this inside joke for a subset of the seven readers of this blog) there’s also a resident of Jackson named Rex Harvey.)