A new trail?

A new trail? MediaPost.com’s Michael Shields reports on new regionialized content from Rodale’s Backpacker Magazine.


A relatively small special interest magazine is making a unique foray into regionalized content more common to mass circulation titles. Rodale’s Backpacker magazine will begin publishing six distinct regional issues as of February, each including pull-out cards featuring six fully mapped-out hikes, theoretically within a car ride away for readers.

Sounds interesting, but as at least one of the seven readers of this weblog can tell us, regionalized content for outdoors-related special interest magazines is not unique or trail blazing. Indeed, it’s rather common. Like, every hunting and fishing magazine does it, and some in rather creative ways that correspond to the migration patterns of certain of our fine feathered friends. And check out those special interest pre-season preview magazines: each cover is regionalized to reflect the closest university or pro franchise. Great idea. But nothing unique.

3 thoughts on “A new trail?

  1. Not unique at all. Our company publishes over a dozen outdoor-related national consumer magazines and I would say we have regionalized content in at least half.

  2. Instead of telling readers where to hike close to home, we tell them where to chase Bambi and fulfill their “A River Runs Through It” fantasy close to their abodes. And have been for years.

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