Shh. Pass it on

Shh. Pass it on: She can’t tell us how she knows, but Betsy says (“on the up-and-up”), she’s heard Bush will be Time’s Man of the Year and Betsy told Glenn and Glenn told Steve and he told me. But I’m not spreading rumors: this is on the up-and-up. Oh, yes, and bloggers get an honorable mention. For the record, if bloggers were going to be “da man of the year,” Glenn would have been interviewed.

Update: Jim Kelly, the managing editor of Time, told my online buddy Patrick at I Want Media, that, get this, Time’s Person of the Year is “a very big deal.” I just thought you’d like to know. Kelly says he also reads lots of weblogs. I wonder if he’s ever seen this.

7 thoughts on “Shh. Pass it on

  1. Oh I hope it’s true. I soooo want to be right for having said something to the effect of “I wouldn’t bet against W” right here in the Rexblog, what, three weeks ago?

  2. Yes, Laura. You predicted it. I will be happy to vouch for you going on record with this prediction. I hope you know that this means Time’s editors are reworking the cover story as we speak.

  3. Yugi, I’m picturing you as a Nader man. Indeed, I think I’ve seen you being quoted as such in print.

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