Vaporzine news roundup

Vaporzine news: The elves are busy whipping up vaporzine press releases:

Woman International Magazine: “Woman International Magazine, to be launched in Q1 2005, is a revolutionary woman’s lifestyle magazine aimed at the lucrative and under-served Asian women sector. The magazine’s editorial, advice columns (complete with Dipa Patel, M.D. and Monika Sharma, Pys.D. hosting the medical and relationship columns) and How-to are full of not only beauty tips and secrets, but articles on how to start and run your own business. Its not a folio, but truly a magazine experience, showcasing the brains and beauty of Asian women.”

Someone who understands, please help me out by explaining the meaning of the phrase, “Its not a folio, but truly a magazine experience…” Is this perhaps a subtle slam at the industry’s leading trade publication? (note for the humor-challenged: that was a joke.)