We need more Nashville media bloggers

We need more Nashville media bloggers: Mr. Roboto (who still thinks it sucks that I was named best “local” blogger) asks a great (and timely) question: How come there are no media blogs in Nashville? I would add, “Why are there no blogs about Nashville media? Do it, someone.

3 thoughts on “We need more Nashville media bloggers

  1. An interesting distinction is that the Memphis folks all run their own blogs, i.e. not affliated with their employer. Strange that no ambitious locals haven’t started a similar, free blog.

    And don’t forget that the Commercial Appeal has 5 or 6 regular blogs on its site, while the Tennessean has none.

  2. The Tennessean’s market research folks probably don’t know what blogs are, so they can’t ask their readers ‘ opinions on them in order to decide if there should be anything about blogs in the paper, much less on theier site. Ergo [dern I love to throw that word around!] no blogs. [Full disclosure: I used to work for the Tennessean’s daily competitor, The Nashville Banner.]

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