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Bluegrassroots citizen journalists: It may not be Rathergate, but Banjo Bob, the owner-webmaster of Cybergrass is providing a casebook example of what citizen journalism is all about. I’ve been blogging it for several days because I want folks to see a great example of citizens’ journalism that is not about politics or national policy but is about a scam in the most unexpected of places: the bluegrass music community.

Here is today’s report in which Banjo Bob reports an impressive amount of detail he’s rounded up.

Past rexblog “resonate-gate” posts: Saturday, December 18, 2004; Friday, December 17, 2004.

It’s time Banjo Bob get some link love for his efforts.

Update: Bill McCloskey of, by way of a comment on this post, alerts us to a story he did on this topic last week. Great story on the e-mail angle of this scam. Coincidentally (in a very weird way), longtime readers of this blog know that I link to more than any other place on the Internet. While Michael Shields is the writer to whom I link to most these days, Larry Dobrow used to cover magazines for MediaPost and once I threw in this very “inside bluegrass” remark on a post:

“Larry Dobrow (does he know Jerry Douglas?) reports…”

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