Complete Time magazine archive now available

Complete Time magazine archive now available online, and it’s free if you pay for it: I ran across this news earlier today via a Google news alert pointing me to a press release on a German website, so I decided to hold off on blogging it until I saw Gary Price point to something more official looking — something I was sure he’d do soon.

magazine’s archive is now available on, bringing to life over
81 years of history as reported by the world’s largest newsmagazine.
The archive ( provides one of the most
comprehensive news resources on the web with over 266,000 articles
dating back to TIME’s inaugural issue in March 1923.

That’s impressive: 266,000 articles from over 4,200 issues of the magazine.

According to Time’s
press release, “The archive is available for free to TIME subscribers.”
I guess it is “free” in much the same way as each issue of the print
and online versions of the magazine are free to all those who pay for a

“Free to subscribers.” My nomination for Time magazine’s marketing doublespeak of 2004.