The other rex’s blog

The other rex’s blog: It’s a bit strange for me to say I’m a big fan of another blogger named Rex, as ours is not the most common of names. Now I’m thinking it’s even more weird, because the list of blogs he believes are the best of the year is so similar to a list I would create. So, I’ll just save myself some time and say, I agree with most of Rex’s list. (Okay, I’d drop dailykos.)

And don’t forget Rex’s amazing list of 2004 lists.

By the way, Rex and I have e-mailed one another discussing the idiosyncrasies related to having our name: For instance, the “witty” remarks we hear involving kings and dogs.

Mark Cuban, the rexblog blogger of the year

I’ve decided:
I’m a Mark Cuban fan.

Mark Cuban, the rexblog blogger of the year: As much as I try to explain to people what “conversational media” is, I can’t come close to what Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks, does when he uses his blog this morning to explain to New York Jets QB Chad Pennington why he should blog.


Chad, you cant boycott the media, and then try to explain yourself through the same. To do so is to put yourself at their mercy. The minute you took questions and gave answers, you left yourself wide open for them to use your words against you. They certainly werent going to print the transcript of the media session in their papers. It all turns into an opportunity to have fun with you , at your expense

Chad, you need to start a blog.

Back when I depended on the media to tell to me who Mark Cuban was, I thought he was some wacky billionaire living out some fantasy life with all the intellectual depth of, say, Josh, the Tom Hanks character in the movie, Big.

After a year of reading his blog, I now consider Mark Cuban one of the most important voices in business. There’s something about having access, real-time, to the unfiltered point of view of a billionaire who is a gifted writer.

For being the CEO blogger (and only billionaire one) who most “gets it,” and for having to pay fines to the NBA (probably equal to the AdSense revenue generated in all other “business blogs” combined) for using his blog to say whatever he wants, whenever he wants to, I’m giving him the title I just decided to create, “The rexblog “Blogger of the Year.”

Carlson’s year in magazines

Carlson’s year in magazines: From Peter Carlson, the Washington Post’s “magazine reader” columnist, comes highlights from the past year.


In 2004, the New Republic ran a cover story called “God Bless Atheism.” Rolling Stone ran an editorial that proclaimed: “Janet Jackson’s breast is the 9/11 of the new culture war.” Archaeology Odyssey published an article titled “Roman Latrines: How the Ancients Did Their Business.” And Details, the metrosexual men’s mag, revealed a hitherto undetected social trend: “Marrying a relative isn’t just for the trailer park anymore.”