Just for the record, that is what I do for a living

Just for the record, that is what I do for a living: When I see an article like the one in today’s New York Times that makes it appear that the century-old practice of custom(er) publishing is something new, it makes me realize that my work has just begun. That companies (and associations, government agencies, military branches, churches, schools, etc.) are creating web (and print) properties that aren’t packaged as traditional advertising is nothing new. I’ve been doing it online for clients since CompuServe forum days. And print examples of this go back to, at least, the late 1800s (John Deere has published a customer magazine continously for over 100 years). No doubt, as we speak there are being produced custom-produced corporate podcasting…and it will be nothing new, really.

Oh, by the way, if your company needs help figuring out how to do all this, I know just the company for you, but you can also find our “friendly competitors” in directories found here and here.