Roasting on an open fire

Roasting on an open fire: I know one shouldn’t have such thoughts on Christmas eve-eve (as it’s known at my house), but Gerry House,
an employee of Clear Channel who I am addicted to listening to at least
a few moments each morning, cracked a joke the other morning that set this image of “tiny tots with their eyes all aglow
in my mind — and unfortunately I can’t shake it. I thought blogging it
could help me purge it, you know, by passing it on to others. It is
sort of like (again due to Gerry House) when I hear the song
“Winter Wonderland,” the lyric I think of is, “Walking ’round in
women’s underwear.”
Oh well. Merry Christmas eve-eve.

One thought on “Roasting on an open fire

  1. reminds me of a movie treatment i worked on for a while but abandoned, called “Santa’s Slay Ride.”

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